Woman SilhouetteAmerican Combatives, Inc. is the premier training academy for Close-Quarters Combat (CQC) Defense Training. Based on the Elite Allied Forces WWII Hand-To-Hand Combat techniques, the ACI Personal Defense Form is easy to learn, simple to execute, quickly retained and proven to be effective on the streets, as well as on the battlefield. 

Pre-arranged counter attack systems are limited in usefulness because attacks can occur in a variety of ways. The ACI System is the ONLY system which prepares you for the unexpected -- the most pro-active survival training ever developed! ACI will teach you to have a heightened awareness of your environment -- far beyond the usual visual evaluations. Using responses based on body mechanics, your CQC training shows you how flexible response heightens your chances of survival, and can help minimize physical damage -- even if you have never had significant training before.

For the experienced martial artist, this training will blend with the other forms of training you have had and give you a solid network of response.  Practice defense scenarios are executed realistically -- you'll learn the basic techniques, and the keys to using them in comprehensive application. Techniques are practiced and become part of an instinctive reaction. This foundation training, coupled with confidence and personal ingenuity, will give an individual a fighting chance against any violent attack. This method was essential to survival for soldiers during WWII.