American Combatives/C.Q.C. Survival Training Course

Chin JabPurpose: To teach special Military and Security Personnel techniques of unarmed combatives, when operating in a hostile environment.

Description: The techniques in this course are currently in use by several Military and Government Agencies to increase personal survival when the use of firearms is, for whatever purpose, not available.

The course information is beneficial to all personnel, regardless of billet, and is designed to enhance an individual's ability to protect themselves in sudden, unexpected, violent confrontations.

Methodology:  The ACI Combative Skills Course is broken down into two sections:

    - unarmed combatives,
    - and edged weapons assault.

The first section will be dedicated to unarmed combative skill training. The second section will be dedicated to knife defense and the use of edged weapons.

First section: Unarmed Combatives

Includes a demonstration and execution of the impact strikes of close quarter combat. These strikes are taught to be executed from various body positions and distances. They are placed in working sequences so the individual can develop flow of execution . The constant repetition of striking sequences enhance the personnel’s ability to counter attack instinctively when faced with a violent encounter.

Knife CombatSecond section:  Knife Defense and use of the edged weapons

This section utilizes the strikes of section one. The counter knife section focuses on demonstration and execution of realistic knife assaults. This part of training emphasizes the importance of awareness, distancing, and positioning. Once the individual is familiar with knife assaults, methods of countering those assaults is covered.

Goal: The goal of this ACI Combative Skills Course is to bring the individual’s C.Q.C. tactics to a level of competence to efficiently and instinctively neutralize a sudden unexpected violent assault.