Law Enforcement/Security Control & Survival Course

Police GroupThe American Combatives System offers special Law Enforcement, and Security Personnel techniques of unarmed and armed combat that enable an individual, or team of officers, the ability to neutralize a threat, or potential threat, with a variety of options.

The techniques in this course are currently in use by numerous Law Enforcement agencies, security personnel, and certain specialized Military units. Personal control and survival techniques, whether armed or unarmed, are among the arsenal of combative skills enhanced through training in this system. Upon completion, the student should be confident in his/her ability to control or survive assaults from any assailant, regardless of the extremity of the attack.

The methodology of training used by American Combatives Inc. is simple and practical, beginning with the demonstration, execution, and application of techniques. Dynamic simulation is then utilized to give personnel the confidence that techniques learned work effectively under stress, and are easily retained.

Section One: Low to Medium Levels of Control

The ACI Combatives Skills Course begins with controlling techniques utilized at various levels less than lethal. These techniques are commonly used by Law Enforcement and Security personnel during routine encounters with aggressive subjects. Techniques within this block of instruction are intended to be used when the encounter is not life threatening.

The second block of instruction focuses on the use of OC spray. OC is rapidly becoming one of the most popular means of less than lethal control used by both Law Enforcement/Security and Military. Instruction is provided in the application of OC, post application procedures, positional asphyxia, and responses to an OC attack. Through actual exposure to OC, the student will accurately understand the effects of OC, as well as his/her ability to survive an assault even after exposure.

The use of the impact weapon, specifically the Expandable Baton, is covered extensively under medium level control options. Utilized because of its easy concealment, and psychological deterrence, the expandable baton is an essential tool for confronting levels of resistance where lower levels of empty hand control are ineffective. Techniques taught in this course are applicable to any impact weapon.

Section Two: Unarmed Combatives

Following the introduction of lower and medium level control skills, the ACI Combatives Skill course is dedicated to Unarmed Combatives. These techniques are designed to enhance an individual’s ability to protect themselves in sudden, unexpected, violent confrontations where the individual fears serious bodily injury or death. This section utilizes the demonstration and execution of close quarters impact strikes. These strikes are taught to be executed from various body positions and distances. They are placed in working sequences so the individual can develop flow of execution, making the system almost instinctual during survival stress. Application of learned techniques is demonstrated and reviewed for various aggressive situations, to include encountering multiple assailants.

All body dynamics presented in this section of the course are based on the body’s gross motor movement and are specifically designed for execution under extreme high stress, violent confrontations.

Knife Defense

The next block of instruction focused on Knife Defense and Weapon Retention, utilizing the strikes used during high-level combative skills. The counter knife section focuses on demonstration and execution of realistic knife assaults. Instruction emphasizes the importance of awareness, distancing, and positioning. Instructors cover a thorough understanding of the dynamics of knife assaults, and following, students will learn methods of countering these assaults.

Weapon retention is always considered a life threatening assault; therefore the principles of close quarters combat strikes are utilized when personnel are attempting to retain any weapon.

To complete the student’s arsenal of personal defense skills, the ACI Law Enforcement program also offers extensive instruction in the Applegate Instinctive Point Shooting System. This course of instruction enables the student to effective employ armed personal defense skills at close range, during low light conditions, and under extreme survival stress. This system is based on the techniques developed by Col. Rex Applegate and taught to military operatives in the O.S.S. (now known as the CIA) during WWII. This system has proven to be effective during actually armed encounters by military, Law Enforcement, and security personal. This system is a great compliment to any sighted fire instruction previously received by personnel.

Police with pistolTactical Shotgun

Point Shooting is not limited to the handgun, and is quite effective when utilized with the shotgun. Therefore, the ACI also offers instruction in the use of the Tactical Shotgun. It’s versatility makes it a most formidable defense weapon, and any security officer, government or private, should be skilled in its use. This course consists of:


The staff at American Combatives Inc. consists of prior and present day Military and Law Enforcement personnel. Most are currently instructing Law Enforcement agencies as well as specialized military units in unarmed and armed combatives. The combined experience of these individuals insures that this system of combatives consists of real world applications of control and combat based on real world encounters ranging from empty hand control to actual gun fights. Contact us today to schedule training that will suit the needs or your organization.