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John P. KaryJohn P. Kary - Master Instructor, American Combatives, Inc.

Marine EmblemAmerican Combatives is a system of Close Quarters Combat developed by Mr. John P. Kary. Mr. Kary is a former Marine and combat veteran of the Vietnam War. While serving in Southeast Asia, Mr. Kary received the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry for actions in close quarters battle. Mr. Kary holds rank of 5th degree black belt and is recognized as a Master instructor. The foundation of his system is based on work that Captain William E. Fairbairn of the British SAS and Colonel Rex Applegate of the OSS performed in WWII. The result of Mr. Kary's in-depth research into the work of these two forefathers of modern day Close Quarters Combat is an easy to learn and effective system for street survival. Mr. Kary has worked with individuals in the law enforcement community as well as government agencies. The most recent group of individuals that he has trained are the 19th Special Forces.


  • 1978 - 1982 Dowling College Long Island, New York B. A. Psychology


  • 1968 - 1970 United States Marine Corps. Active Duty Vietnam Battalion Recon (Intelligence Operations) Honorably Discharged 

  • Decorations: Purple Heart, Combat Action Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Presidential Unit Citation, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, Good Conduct Medal, Jungle Expert Patch, Rifle Marksman



  • 2001 - Present; Executive Protection Personnel for Cueros Industrializados Del Bajio, S. A. De C.V.

  • 5/99; Detachment I Second Battalion 19th Special Forces W. V. Army National Guard

  • 2/97; Honolulu Police Department

  • 1996 - Present; West Virginia State Police Academy 

  • 8/96; Hocking Technical Institute, Public Safety Department 

  • 11/96; Lincoln County Ohio Sheriff Department

  • 1996 - Present; Total Approach Organization (TAO) Seminars

  • 1991- Present; Individuals from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces

  • 1/99- Present; Individuals from U.S.A. Special Forces Units

  • 1/99- Present; Individuals from U.S.N. Special Warfare Unit

  • 1991 - 1994; Chief Instructor, 2nd Battalion 25th Marine Scout Sniper Unit 


  • 1990 - Founder and Chief Instructor of American Combatives 

  • 1994 - American Karate Ju Jitsu Association - 5th degree black belt 

  • 1992 - American Kempo Karate Association - 2nd degree black belt 

  • 1991 - Goshinkan Ju Jitsu Dojo - 1st degree black belt 


  • VFW Life Member

  • Fleet Reserve Association (Retired Marine and Navy Personnel)

  • Order of the Purple Heart 

  • Association of Law Enforcement Trainers (Aslet)

  • National Rifle Association


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