Certification Policy

  • ACI Certification Policy

  • ACI LogoAll certified instructors will undergo an intensive training program.

  • Candidates will be evaluated based on physical skills, emotional maturity, communication skills, bearing, ability to demonstrate the theory behind the techniques while under stress and/or in scenario type situations, and certain other intangible qualities that define a good instructor.

  • The decision to certify an individual will be made by the chief instructor and his staff.

  • All certified instructors will maintain monthly contact with American Combatives, Inc. 

  • Bi-monthly videos of practice and training will be sent to American Combatives, Inc.

  • All certified instructors are required to return annually for a minimum 3 day refresher course.

  • All certified instructors will actively engage in recruitment of students to help the system grow and to improve there teaching skills.

  • Any instructor failing to fulfill the above requirements will have their certification revoked.