About American Combatives Inc

Iwo Jima ColorAmerican Combatives is the premier training center for personal protection. Whether you are a corporate executive who travels internationally, a law enforcement officer, or a member of a special operations unit within the military, ACI has a program to meet your personal protection needs. It is an easy to learn system that can be retained and depended upon to work under the most stressful environment. This personal protection system is based on WWII close quarters combat. It's effectiveness has been proven by individuals throughout the world, from all walks of life, against armed and unarmed assailants.

EVERYONE needs self-protection training. Yet we don't think about it until we ourselves, or someone we know or love is a victim of a violent crime. Having the right training could keep you from becoming a helpless victim. The FBI reports that a forcible rape occurs every 6 minutes, a robbery every 46 seconds, an aggravated assault every 29 seconds, and a murder every 21 minutes. We see it on the news everyday and it never gets our attention until it hits close to home. Crime is closer than you think!  ACI is the most realistic personal protection system which teaches all aspects of self protection.