Airline Crew Safety Training Program

PlaneAmerican Combatives Airline Crew Safety Training was designed in response to the many requests after the tragedies of September 11th, 2001.  The aviation industry demanded a simple system that would overcome, subdue and neutralize in-flight threats.  American Combatives has developed this program for the crew to deal with the unexpected.  This program has been specifically designed to be the most effective method available considering the limited space and resources of a commercial or corporate aircraft.  Our system is the ONLY program utilizing full-size cockpit and cabin simulators to train in the “real” environment. These skills are easy to learn, simple to execute, easily retained and proven effective in close quarters confrontations.  This protection system has been field tested and proven effective by government, law enforcement, security forces, and many individuals. At the completion of the training program you will have a heightened awareness of your security and safety environment. 

Program Outline:

  • Security Mindset and Recommendations
  • Risk assessment
  • High stress decision-making
  • Fundamentals - Basic strikes and application
  • Practice
  • Unarmed Assault
  • Practice in Sims
  • Armed Assault: Knives, Guns, Other
  • Practice in Sims
  • Practice Drills: Unruly Individuals, Cabin Threat, Cockpit Threat, Crew Assault, Weapon Control, etc.
  • Street, Hotel, and Travel recommendations
  • Practice

* all times listed are approximate

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a pilot with a major US airline. I am currently typed in and fly the 757/767 aircraft. Since the attacks on the 11th I have been concerned with the vulnerability of the flight deck crew as we have to enter and leave the cockpit to use the lavatory. I have also been concerned with the procedures surrounding flight attendants entering the cockpit and the possibility of an attacker entering the cockpit during this transition. I knew I would have to find a defense method that would be easy to remember under high stress and would be effective in the tight quarters of the aisle, lavatory, and cockpit. After researching different methods I found Mr. John Kary of American Combatives. John teaches the system developed by Colonel Rex Applegate and Mr. William Fairbairn. These men were instrumental in developing close quarters combat during World War II for OSS agents and Allied troops. Their motto was keep it simple and use the natural reactions of the body. I spent 3 days with John. The training was fantastic. We worked on different attack scenarios both with and without edged weapons. I learned a few basic maneuvers that can be applied to any type attack. I am completely confident I can handle any type of attack on myself in the confined area of the aisle , lavatory, or cockpit.

Recent Student Comments...

I found the class very informative. I only wish that we could have had more time. I think firearms should be included.  Flight Attendant, corporate air

This training was “awesome” and worth every cent and the time involved. Joe and William really put themselves “out there” for us and were not timid about taking the abuse which makes the training even more valuable. I strongly recommend a full day of training in future classes. Thank you for providing me with the tools needed to protect myself. I feel a new confidence and certainly more secure.  Flight Attendant, Freelance

Excellent training to be used in all aspects of life. Very real and useful.  Flight Attendant, Freelance

The program heightened the awareness that there are tools and techniques to help us be more in control of situations we had not thought of before.  Pilot/Owner, private air

Before 9/11/01 we were trained and even required by FAA to be quiet and compliant as pilots. Now the world order has changed and our training systems and “mental data banks” are empty. This course has provided me with 100% more training and experience than I had yesterday.  Specifically I liked: discussion of RON issues, hands on defense exercises - including full contact practice, and practice in the cabin simulator.  Pilot, corporate air 

A lot of information you would never have thought of. Excellent program! Every flight crew should take it. I would highly recommend it.   Pilot, corporate air

I have never had any form of training for self defense ever. Whether on the ground or air if I remember just a few hits and to keep them consecutive, I know that person will be down. It was great- I highly recommend incorporating this into initial and recurrent training. Thanks again.  Flight Attendant, Freelance

The class was absolutely wonderful. Instructors were patient and very helpful. I feel I can now protect myself if need be and have the confidence to do so. Thank you so much.  Flight Attendant, corporate air

I took the American Combatives class. What a wonderful experience, to know that I will be able to defend myself if I had to. The instructors were just great and had so much information for us. I think everyone should take this course.  Flight Attendant, corporate air

This was an outstanding exercise which showed us how to effectively bring down an attacker. Our instructors taught us to think and act in a manner that will save our lives. Thanks for such an excellent “hands on” work out!  Flight Attendant, corporate air

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