Applegate Point Shooting Course

Instinctive point shooting was developed by W. E. Fairbairn and E. A. Sykes and refined by Colonel Rex Applegate, United States Army Retired. This is the same point shooting system taught to OSS operatives by Colonel Applegate and W. E. Fairbairn during World War II. This method has been proven to work in hundreds of documented gunfights, and utilizes the bodies innate ability to point accurately at close range targets by replacing the pointing finger with the gun barrel. This system is extremely fast and enables good combat accuracies at close range, in any light conditions, and under extreme stress. Please contact American Combatives for more information.Rex Applegate Point Shooting

The Applegate point shooting system is designed to allow an individual to capitalize on the body's natural reaction during armed confrontations. Individuals trained in this system will be able to effectively shoot an adversary within close range (20 ft. and in) accurately with a minimum amount of training. This course will greatly enhance an individual's personal defense skills, and is a great compliment to empty hand training as well as sighted fire training.


The basic course is one day in length and covers the following:

  • development and history of the Applegate shooting system

  • basic shooting principles to include range safety and weapon nomenclature

  • the three basic shooting positions

  • shooting multiple targets

  • shooting while moving

  • active simulation: scenario based training using simunitions

  • legal issues regarding armed confrontation

There are no prerequisites for participation in the basic course. At least 500 rounds of ammunition must be provided by the student. If a firearm is not available, weapons are available for rent


The advanced course is a one day course that enhances the students ability to apply personal defense skills in an armed confrontational setting. Each student must have at least one day of American Combatives training (basic strikes), and must also successfully complete the basic point shooting course. At least 250 rounds of ammunition must be provided by the student. This one day course includes:

  • review of basic skills

  • weak hand shooting

  • weapon malfunctions

  • one hand reloading

  • strikes used to obtain/draw weapon

  • unarmed and armed personal defense scenarios utilizing simunitions and fist gear

Benefits for Law Enforcement

As a law enforcement officer, the potential in which you will have to use your firearm is increasing rapidly. Statistically, most gunfights occur within 15 feet and in low light conditions. Most officers interviewed after discharging their weapon have stated that their sights and sight picture were not used during the incident due to the tunnel vision that occurs when stress is induced. Sighted fire training is essential and is quite useful when distance and cover are available, but point shooting is an essential compliment to the type of training most officers receive at the academy. Point shooting will make an officer more confident if injured and weak hand shooting is required. Most students who participate in point shooting scenarios have a 95% hit rate, which is definitely higher than the national percentage represented by reported officer involved shootings. 

Benefits for civilians

Contrary to national statistics, violent crime is increasing. Your chances of being mugged, car jacked, or even burglarized by an armed assailant are greater than ever. Because of recent gun control efforts by politicians, criminals are more confident that the average citizen will be unarmed. You owe it to yourself and your family to provide the protection needed when confronted with the criminal element. The police can only react to incidents because of manpower constraints and their limited mobility, so their response time will probably not be enough to insure your safety. Applegate point shooting training will enable you to shoot effectively, while learning personal defense skills that are easily retained with minimal training. You will learn the effects of stress on the body that are induced during an armed confrontation, enabling you to confidently shoot one or multiple subjects accurately, while stationary or moving.

The following letter was sent to American Combatives in February 2000

John and Staff,

I took the point shooting class given by Kenny Burner and Richard Knight on 2/12/00. The instruction was excellent and exceeded my expectations. I learned how to handle tactical reloads, drawing from concealment and other self defense issues. I am amazed at the confidence I now have in my abilities to defend myself and my family. This course was one of my best investments since I started shooting handguns twenty years ago. I have recommended the course to my father and a shooting buddy and you will probably get a phone call from both of them.