Tactical Shotgunning

John Kary with ShotgunTo quote the great Col. Rex Applegate from his immortal book, Kill or Get Killed, "The actual combat life of the soldier or police officer who may carry a shoulder weapon is often measured in seconds--split seconds. In close-quarter combat, or infighting, he must be able to use this weapon quickly, accurately and instinctively." This statement holds as true today as it did over 50 years ago. It also applies to civilian use of shoulder weapons equally well.

The most versatile of all available weapons is the shotgun. It is devastating at close range, and has the ability to "reach out and touch someone" if the need arise, simply by changing projectiles.

The combat shotgun program teaches the combat shotgun techniques of Col. Applegate, as well as extremely effective recoil reduction techniques that overcome the shotguns only downside--the violent recoil of 12 gauge loads! Effective weapons handling and shooting in motion are also taught, as well as addressing multiple targets and transition to sidearm.



1. Weapon Nomenclature

2. Recoil Reduction

  • Haught Technique - demo with slugs

  • Stance - deep aggressive crouch

3. Weapon Manipulation

  • Loading

  • Unloading

  • "Cruiser ready" - safety off - empty chamber

3. Patterning Shotgun

  • Close shot

  • Mid distance

  • 25 yards

5. Snap Headshot

6. Point Shooting

  • Point shoulder

  • Hip or high tuck

  • Bayonet lunge

  • Mozambique

7. Moving with shotgun

  • Forward - heel-to-toe

  • Backward - toe-to-heel

  • Off line

8. Transition from shotgun to handgun